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Dredging Waste Water Treatment Plants

by Nicole Stevens

wasterwater treatment plant dredgingA nasty storm can bring in a lot of unwanted rain, which could end in flooding in some cases. This past hurricane season has shown just how much extra water a storm can bring in and the damage it can do. This is one reason why dredging wastewater treatment plants are so important. Flooding doesn’t just mean a surge of rainwater; it carries much more than that. Wastewater can become a huge problem during a time of flooding, and it’s important to be proactive and dredge before it’s too late.

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Why canals need proper hydraulic dredging.

dredgeProper hydraulic dredging of canals is vital to the maintenance of the canal’s health, quality, and recreational enjoyment. The long-term benefits of proper canal dredging are crucial to the survival of a canal.

Carefully navigating through canal waters is something many boat owners are familiar with. Sediment builds up at the bottom of the canal creating muck, which lowers the water quality and usability. 

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Retention Ponds

Nicole Stevens

dredging stormwater retention pondA hurricane can be over in a matter of hours, if that. But the damage is leaves behind can sometimes take months to repair. A big nuisance in the aftermath of Irma has been flooded retention ponds that, two months later, are still flooded and causing problems for certain Florida residents. Retention ponds along I-4 have been one of the more notable problems. Due to never-ending new construction, a house that had been around for over 40 years was a victim of the flooding mentioned here. It is something that can be avoided if caught before the storm hits.

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Dredging Post Hurricane

irmaHurricanes tend to leave behind a nasty trail of destruction, and the southern east coast is no stranger to those situations.  Mostly recently, Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have caused quite a massive amount of damage along the Gulf Coast, focusing mainly on Texas and Florida. Because of the sheer force and size of these recent storms, they’ve brought along a ton of rain. With this rain come all kinds of not-so-great surprises in the sun-filled days to follow. This is where dredging comes into play.

What exactly is dredging?

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Why is it important to dredge canals?

florida canal dredgingIf you’ve ever taken a boat out onto a lake, river, or canal, you know you have to be careful to navigate around the amount of much in the water body. Much is comprised of sediments at the bottom of a body of water. The more muck the water has, the greater impact it will have on the quality of the water and the recreational activities that take place there. Dredging is used when the sediments begin to affect water quality and inconvenience to recreational activities. 

But the benefits of dredging canals don’t end there for canals. Take, for example, the specific case of the Grantham Canal. A dredging project aimed at improving water quality and encouraging rare aquatic plants to thrive  undertaken on a 6 km stretch of the canal to protect important habitats. This stretch of the canal was designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) because it offers ideal conditions for important aquatic plants to thrive.

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