Dredging and the Boating Lifestyle

The boating lifestyle provides enjoyment for the entire family. A passion for boating can be passed down from generation to generation and provide a lifetime of memories and tradition to pass down from grandparents to parents and children. 

Learning to fish, connecting with other boaters, participating in boating activities, how to clinics, festivals, derbies and parades are just some of the exciting things boaters can be involved in.

A properly dredged waterway ensures that you get the most out of what boating has to offer and provides a way for you to support the natural environment you love.

According to the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF), about 90% of Americans live within an hour from a navigable body of water. These waterways aren’t just limited to the East or West Coast. They include countless reservoirs, inland lakes and rivers throughout the country that provide endless opportunity for boating enjoyment.

RBFF reports that we have at least 35,000 boat ramps in America, which is double the number of golf courses. As a boat owner, it is important to maximize your own boat ramp’s accessibility by eliminating bottoming out and impediment that comes from a waterway that needs to be dredged.

C&M dredging wants you to get the most out of your boating lifestyle and provide you and your family with a nice, clean waterway for “smooth sailing”. 

Contact us today to discuss your waterway dredging needs.

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