Dredging Keeps your Stormwater Retention Ponds Clear

No matter how or for what purpose a pond was created, all ponds are in a dying process from day one. Muck is formed at the bottom of the pond in the form of organic material like algae, leaves, weeds, mold or mildew settling and building up a residue.

Due to the nutrients and toxic gases that encourage overgrowth of weeds and algae, muck deteriorates the natural ecosystem natural to the pond and dredging is a highly efficient and economical way of removing the pond scum from the pond and returning it to fresh, new life.

Dredging a stormwater retention pond in particular, slows the rate of the runoff from storm water, protecting surround neighborhoods from flooding and improving the overall quality of the water existing from the pond, or being used to irrigate sprinkler systems. Dredging prevents the retention pond from acting as a sediment collector and seeping into storm water that ultimately clogs streams and rivers, lowering the quality of life and environment for fish, birds and other wildlife.

At C&M Dredging, our eco-friendly dredging system utilizes compact, easily deployable dredging and harvesting equipment to remove accumulated sediment, sand, vegetation and debris from your storm water retention and storage area. We return your storm water system to its original design capacity, and help prepare you for Florida's storm season.

Our dewatering tubes are placed around the perimeter of your pond system to quietly, and efficiently dewater the sediment removed with the hydraulic dredging system. Rapid mobilization and non-invasive equipment are the key components to a fast, efficient and effective storm water pond or lake restoration project.

Only clean water is returned to the waterway and there is minimal need for site restoration. Our methods do not damage pond or lagoon liners and your pond is restored to its most effective, functional state.

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