Dredging Waste Water Treatment Plants

by Nicole Stevens

A nasty storm can bring in a lot of unwanted rain, which could end in flooding in some cases. This past hurricane season has shown just how much extra water a storm can bring in and the damage it can do. This is one reason why dredging wastewater treatment plants are so important. Flooding doesn’t just mean a surge of rainwater; it carries much more than that. Wastewater can become a huge problem during a time of flooding, and it’s important to be proactive and dredge before it’s too late.

A wastewater treatment plant process tons of waste each day and because of this volume draining sources can quickly become backed up and slow. Dredging the plant can be crucial to keeping treatment efficient. There are various ways to dredge, and this depends on several factors such as the size of the pond, type of sludge, flow of the plant, and geography.

Dredging is also essential not only because of the buildup of waste but of natural sediments in the water itself.  It is a necessity in running a smoothly ran water treatment facility and isn’t something that needs to be often done. Maintenance is key, of course, but good dredging should last a good few years. A pond dredging lasts up to 15-20 years, though that same time may not be the same for a water treatment plant.

Dredging a wastewater treatment plant is a critical task, it can keep the plant running smoothly and keep that nearby safe in case of flooding.


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