Fly Ash Dredging Experts

When you think about all of the physical support systems needed for living in this modern age, you may think of things like highways, electricity, phones, or even technological advances in farming and agriculture equipment. Dredging rarely crosses people’s mind when they consider life-changing technologies.

Yet, in a world without dredging, major supply lines transporting hundreds of thousands of products we all need would be shut down. A world without dredging could be compared to a world without highways for semi trucks to transport products to stock the shelves of supermarkets.

Without dredging, beaches would erode, lakes and rivers would diminish and recreation and tourism to seashores would cease to exist. The construction industry would be severely impacted by the lack of affordable fill dirt and gravel, jobs would be lost and bridges and reservoirs would become impassable.

One of the most important use for dredging is in specialized energy applications, like fly ash dredging. Often, power plants store the natural byproduct of combustion (fly ash) in wet ash ponds. Wet ash ponds are typically created and maintained through dredging. In recent years, fly ash dredgers have developed a method for removing fly ash in order to use it for resale and repurposing. In cases where a dredger is able to use a cutterhead dredge to remove 100% of the power plant ash pond’s fly ash, the fly ash is resold as fill material for highway construction and other very useful purposes.

C&M Dredging specializes in every type of dredging there is, including Capital Dredging, Maintenance Dredging, Civil Works and Engineering Dredging, Mining, and Environmental Dredging. We are by far the industry leading experts in Fly Ash Dredging and are ready to answer any questions you might have about your wet ash pond dredging needs.

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