Importance of Lake Dredging

Florida is known for hot, wet summers. Even though rainstorms don’t stick around for long, there are enough of them that it can turn into a real pain. This is especially true for our lakes. Rainy season can bring in a lot of things to the various lakes surrounding us and cause some issues if not handled correctly. This is where dredging the lakes comes in, and it’s a critical task – especially after an unusually wet summer.

What exactly happens to our lakes when heavy rainfalls occur?

Well, anything that can be washed into the lake that’s surrounding it will. This usually consists of soil and various ground debris like rocks, foliage, even trash.

What is dredging?

Dredging is essentially the deep cleaning of a lake or other large bodies of water. It removes sediments and debris from the bottom of the lakes and keeps everything flowing correctly.

What could happen is lakes remained un-dredged?

If a lot of soil was washed into the lake, this could make for a very muddy spot. Lakes open for public swimming would become hazardous and possibly shut down for human interaction.  Even if it’s by boat, the water level will become too shallow versus all the new soil and debris that’s collected from the bottom.

What other benefits does dredging a lake have?

If any of the debris or foreign sediments contain a harmful chemical to that ecosystem, dredging the lake will remove the potential threat. It dramatically lowers the risk of any water pollution, keeping the quality of the water high.

Dredging lakes after a wetter than the average rainy season will save a lot of hassle in the long run. Keeping our lakes clean and clear and readily accessible by keeping an unwanted bit and pieces out!

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