The Importance of Keeping Your Marina Dredged

The importance of keeping your marina dredged cannot be overstated. Routine dredging is vital to marinas in order to maintain the water depths on approaches and boat slips necessary for yachts and larger boats as well as avoiding the need for berthing smaller boats.

If your marina does not employ regularly scheduled dredging, you can be forced to close slips and possibly lose business and customers until you are again able to reach and maintain adequate water depth. Since sediment buildup is not only predictable, but inevitable, dredging your marina on a regular basis is important for a variety of reasons:

  1. Dredging your marina gives you the ability to plan both for cost and short term slip closings during the dredging procedure.
  2. Dredging your marina results in a reduction of issues navigating the sediment disposal permit process. 
  3. Dredging your marina provides your customers with uninterrupted use of the marina.
  4. Dredging your marina gives it the advantage of protecting marine life and water quality.
  5. Dredging your marina raises your revenue to allow both small and larger boats the use of your slips.

C&M Dredging’s equipment delivers superior maneuverability, allowing our professionals to dredge marina slips more quickly and efficiently than our competitors. Our dredge vacuums removes sediment from the bottom of the marina using hydraulically powered suction heads. Our weed suction solution fully removes weeds by their roots instead of simply cutting them shorter and having them quickly grow back. We offer full off site removal and disposal of contaminated sediment and we leave you with a marina that is free of odors and in pristine condition.

Please contact C&M Dredging for all your marina dredging needs.

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