The Importance of Marina Dredging.

Keeping a boat in a marina is basically like putting something of value in storage and taking it out when the time is right.  Those who don't regularly deal with boating may assume you "park" the boat in a spot like an aquatic parking lot, tie it down, and off you go - no fuss, no worries! But there is a bit more that goes into maintaining the marina to keep those boats stored safely, mainly dredging the marina.

This type of marina maintenance should be done regularly, as it helps to maintain the depth of the water that is necessary on the slips for the boats. The depth also affects boats on a larger scale, such as yachts, in the regional market. Without the proper water depth, the sediments that build up will not only be prevalent but could worsen and cause severe damage to any boats in the marina. Along with this increase in predictable sediments, not dredging the marina can lead to boat slips being closed until the water level increases and there is more depth.

Dredging the marina ensures that those boat slips stay open or occupied and there is no loss of income due to poor maintenance. This also gives you the power to plan for cost as well as short-term slip closings during the dredging. As stated before, it allows for larger boats such as yachts to come through the marina as well as smaller boats, all with ease thanks to regular dredging. If there was no routine maintenance, a very expensive vessel such as a million dollar yacht could get some severe damage to the underside due to low water depth and damage from the boat slip.

Save yourself a million dollar mistake and help your marina look like a million bucks! Dredging benefits everyone, from the marina owner to customer, even to the wildlife surrounding the area! Don't dread getting dredged, set up an appointment today with C&M Dredging

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