Time to decommission your ash ponds?

In the last few years, our power generation industry has gone through major changes. Electricity needs to be produced at the lowest costs possible, but also in a way that meets or exceeds changing regulatory requirements. Many operations are currently or soon to be faced with the responsibility of decommissioning these ash ponds. Typically, there are two options for decommissioning; in place closure or removal of the ash from the ponds. Your dredging contractor will work with your Environmental Managers to establish a plan to best serve your particular ash pond needs, whether excavation of decommissioned ponds, or hydraulic dredging to remove ash. Your contractor should also have the capacity to dewater these materials by means of mechanical separation or use of geotextile tubes and polymers.

Whatever option you choose, C&M Dredging will gladly team with your operators to assist in proper decommissioning.

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