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With almost all dredge projects, time is of the essence. The majority of dredge projects are a result of sand, sediments and muck building up over time. The more time has lapsed, the more material needs to be removed.

Call C&M Dredging today for a free on-site consultation and ask us how we can help you take control of your sediment build up issues, and implement a plan to monitor the accumulation of these materials over time once they have been removed.

Our clients will typically have the option of having the material hauled off and disposed of, or stored on site for their future use or benefit, depending on the type of material being removed and budgetary requirements.

Depending on the location and nature of your potential dredging project, permitting requirements can range from...

  • Local Government(s)
  • County Water Authority
  • Army Corps of Engineers 

Most potential dredge projects can be permitted, or exempt if they fall into the "maintenance" category. These requirements are almost site specific and we can assist our clients in a permit determination once we have conducted a free, on-site consultation. The permitting/exemption process can take anywhere from 1 to 6 months depending on the size, scope, location and nature of your project.

Our services include:

Industrial Pond and Lagoon Dredging

Industrial Waste and Sediment Removal

Waste Water Treatment Plant WWTP Bio Solids Dredging

Lake and Pond Environmental Restoration Dredging

Storm Water Runoff and Storm Water Pond Compliance Dredging

Geotextile Tube and Polymer Dewatering

Navigable Waterway Maintenance Dredging

Marina and Canal Dredging

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