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Residential Dock and Slip Dredging

As water levels rise and fall, built up silt and sediments can make it difficult, or even impossible to launch your boat or navigate to slips, ramps and docks. We can remove built up sediment from beneath your boat slip, while minimizing impact on your property and surrounding environment. C&M Dredging utilizes equipment which can be deployed from your property, or another location on your lake, without causing harm to docks, seawalls, yards, driveways or your waterfront.

Boaters’ freedom to use their boat is often limited by water depth and tide. C&M Dredging offers environmentally friendly and cost- efficient dredging methods that increase the value of your waterfront property by cleaning and deepening your residential boat area with canal dredging, slip dredging and dock dredging for ease of access.

Our process provides an efficient method for removal of sediments around docks, lifts, and slips in canals, rivers, ponds and lakes.

In the C&M Dredging process, the dredged material is pumped into sealed containers placed in an area accessible by truck. The dredged sediments are given time to settle within the containers followed by the clean return water being piped back to the area that was dredged. Very specific precautionary measures are taken to protect manatees and other environmentally sensitive resources.

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