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Industrial, Municipal, Residential and Commercial Dredging Services

Providing hydraulic dredging and mechanical dredging and dewatering services for a wide variety of clients, industries and applications in an efficient, environmentally responsible manner throughout the Southeastern United States including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee.


Industrial Pond & Lagoon Dredging removes accumulated sediment from industrial processing ponds, helping to keep the facility operating at it’s highest efficiency.

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Waste Water Treatment Plant Dredging is the process in removing bio solids from treatment plant ponds, keeping the plant operating at full capacity.

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Lakes & Ponds

Lake & Pond Environmental Restoration helps breathe new life into your water by removing built up materials, thus improving capacity and water quality.

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Marinas & Canals

Marina & Canal Dredging is the best way to clear out waterways which must remain navigable and free of debris that could interfere with propulsion systems.

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Experience and Workmanship

C&M Dredging specializes in hydraulic dredge and dewatering projects ranging from small residential jobs to navigable waterway maintenance dredging, municipal dredging and industrial dredging.

We pride ourselves in the personal attention and quality workmanship we provide our clients, regardless of the size of the project.

Based in Central Florida, our portable equipment allows us to mobilize quickly and efficiently anywhere in the Southeastern United States, while remaining competitive on even the smallest of projects. We handle dredging projects in Florida, Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina.

With extensive experience in permitting, planning, dredging, dewatering and disposal, we can help you successfully plan and execute your next hydraulic dredging project from concept through completion.

Please contact us, or check out our services page to find out more of what C&M Dredging can do for you, your company and your community.

C&M Dredging Featured on Dredging Today

C&M Dredging was proudly featured as Dredging Today's "Picture of the Day" feature on August 22, 2014, focusing on our Ellicott 360SL Dredger at work on the Jackson Lake Restoration Project in Tennessee. To view the picture and article visit Dredging Today's website by CLICKING HERE.

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Dredging Keeps your Stormwater Retention Ponds Clear

Thursday, May 19, 2016

No matter how or for what purpose a pond was created, all ponds are in a dying process from day one. Muck is formed at the bottom of the pond in the form of organic material like algae, leaves, weeds, mold or mildew settling and building up a residue.


Fly Ash Dredging Experts

Thursday, April 7, 2016

When you think about all of the physical support systems needed for living in this modern age, you may think of things like highways, electricity, phones, or even technological advances in farming and agriculture equipment. Dredging rarely crosses people’s mind when they consider life-changing technologies.