Industrial Pond and Lagoon Dredging

C&M Dredging has the experience and resources to respond to our client's industrial dredging needs.

Over time, processing water ponds, settling ponds, and cooling ponds, lagoons, and basins in industrial applications may accumulate silt, sediment, and solids from the property or operation itself. This accumulation reduces water storage capacity and therefore plant availability and productivity. C&M Dredging has the equipment and workforce to mobilize quickly and efficiently to dredge your industrial processing water holding pond or lagoon. Whether you have an existing spoil pit, drying bed, or press system, we can work with your current dewatering system. Or C&M Dredging can manage the material from dredging to dewatering and final disposal.

C&M owns multiple cutter suction hydraulic dredges, both cable-driven, and self-propelled. Our dredges use special attachments for dredging lined ponds, without causing harm to the liner as well. C&M Dredging can help you plan your upcoming dredging project from concept through closeout.

We perform dredging services for many types of ponds and basins including:

What is a Geotextile Tube

Thursday, October 10, 2019

A geotextile tube can go by many other names such as geobags, geocontainers, soil tubes, etc., but they all have the same job. That job is to dewater sediments and desludge industrial waste. It's a large...

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What is a stormwater retention pond used for in Florida?

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

There's no other way around it, Florida is wet. It's surrounded by water, it rains...a LOT, and hurricane season can be a brutal time. So with all this water coming down and around Florida, how is it...

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