Fresh Water Reservoir Dredging

C&M Dredging uses industry leading dredges in removing sediments from fresh water reservoirs, rivers, lakes, channels, and streams. Regular waterway maintenance provides flood control and safety while providing protection against vessel damage and damage to natural resources.

Fresh water reservoirs serve as excellent resources for aquatic education and providing an area to promote freshwater fishing. C&M Dredging can remove the accumulated sediment that reduces the enjoyment of fresh water reservoirs and threatens the surrounding wildlife and aquatic plants. C&M helps you recover your waterfront which is quite often the reason you purchased the property to begin with.

A good solution for removing sediment from the bottom of a fresh water reservoir is through portable hydraulic dredging with C&M. Our hydraulic dredge floats on the water. Excavating and pumping the material through a flexible pipeline to a location offsite. In laymen terms, it’s basically a floating vacuum cleaner. Hydraulic dredging with C&M Dredging is an unobtrusive process that provides the cleanest and most efficient method of sediment removal with the least damage to the environment.

With C&M dredging, our vessels have on board technology which includes both positioning and depth sounding equipment that shows us exactly where we are on the bottom of the reservoir to within an inch. Our on board computers store facts and information about the general appearance of the bottom, as well as any obstacles, water flow and dry material content.

For the restoration of your Fresh Water Reservoir, contact C&M Dredging today.

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