Lake and Pond Environmental Restoration Dredging

Over time, silt, sand, muck and decomposed vegetation will eventually fill your pond causing...

  • A reduction in oxygenated water
  • Reduced water storage capacity
  • Reduced water quality

Summertime can be a dynamic time because our weather determines many factors in the health of your pond. Both drought and heavy rains have an impact. Heavy rains can even wash in grass, leaves, and other nutrients. Floods can cause an exchange of nutrients, and completely disrupt the organic chemistry of your pond. For ponds that experienced a drought and then were refilled with fresh rainwater, usually that water will rapidly turn green as the pond’s nutrients have developed and built up in the soil and seeped into the water.

The single greatest issue that your pond faces in the summer is a reduction in oxygenated water. Warmer water contains lower oxygen solubility. If you notice fish coming to the surface trying to find air, then you know your pond needs aeration. But, by then it’s too late and more drastic measures will need to be taken.

Summer is the time of greatest activity within the water column. Pay close attention to the water volume and various types of aquatic plants which grow in your pond. If your pond is older and has a high volume of muck buildup, consider the measures that would need to be taken to begin to convert the muck to basic nutrients and to bind them and prevent a situation where your pond’s health is at serious risk.

C&M Dredging will restore your pond to a more desirable state, by removing this material, and either hauling it off, or placing it where the owner(s) can utilize the material at a later date.

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