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Navigable Waterway Maintenance Dredging

C&M Dredging performs navigational maintenance dredging for a variety of private clients, municipalities, and navigational districts.

We utilize both hydraulic and mechanical dredging equipment to accomplish this work, and GPS mapping and positioning software is available on all dredges.

C&M Dredging is USL&H Insured, Bonded, and Jones Act compliant.

Navigable Waterway Maintenance Dredging

Featured Project

Lake Lorraine

Leesburg, FL


  • 53,000 cubic yards of material removed
  • Hydraulic Dredging to Geotextile tubes
  • Automated Polymer Injection System
  • Dewatering site less than 1 acre in size
  • Dredging, Dewatering, Hauling and Disposal all simultaneously


C&M Dredging performed an environmental restoration dredging project to restore water quality and depth to Lake Lorraine in Leesburg, FL. The project consisted of removing 53,000 cubic yards of silt and muck from the 10-acre lake utilizing hydraulic dredging.

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