Navigable Waterway Maintenance Dredging

Man-made canals will periodically fill in with sand and sediment, reducing or eliminating navigability. This problem is compounded during drought conditions.

Some of the sediment flows in from the natural tides; some of it comes from runoff from stormwater. Beautiful backyard canals can turn into smelly seas of soil. Dredging drastically improves the navigation issues caused by sediment buildup, in turn improving the property and raising the property value over time.

Hydraulic Dredging basically vacuums the sediment from the canal bottom, moves it through a pipeline using water as a transport medium, and deposits it into an onshore disposal facility. Once the water and sediment mixture reaches the disposal facility, it is processed to allow the sediment to settle out of suspension. The water is then returned to the canal.

Dredging is vital to social and economic development. Specifically, dredging is vital to the construction and maintenance of the infrastructure upon which our economic prosperity and social well-being depend.

C&M Dredging can safely, effectively and responsibly return your canal to its original design depth to allow watercrafts to safely navigate.

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