Dredging of Coal Ash Ponds (Lagoons) for Power Plants

Removal of settled ash material from a coal ash pond at a power plant is accomplished by dredging - either through wet dredging or through excavation. A wet dredge is a barge-mounted cutter head with a pump that drags flexible pipe to cut and sluice the removed material to a separate area for settling, much like the process used for the primary pond.

Understanding the different types of ash produced at a power plant facility and how these materials can be reused or recycled within the community is beneficial to the overall operation of the settling pond or lagoon. Some ash is captured from the surface of the pond’s water, while other ash may be readily settled out and need to be excavated.

Understanding the pond’s design and the negative effects of features causing malfunctions is very important to the inspection process, but it is also important to address negative findings head on. The safety and viability of power plant facility coal ash ponds depend on the owners, consultants, and regulators.

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