Pulp and Paper Mill Aeration Pond Dredging

C&M Dredging has the equipment, personnel and training to handle your pulp and paper mill dredging needs.  From runoff storage ponds, processing water ponds, aeration basins and settling lagoons.  Fiber and paper operations which we service include both hydraulic and mechanical dredging.  

At C&M Dredging, we say that “a good start makes for a great finish” to a project.  Our professional staff  will work onsite with your staff to collect the material samples and depth soundings necessary to establish a long term residuals management plan to include;

  • Volumetric estimates in yardage or Bone Dry Tons
  • Means and methods of excavation
  • Means and methods of dewatering
    • Belt and filter presses
    • Drying beds
    • Geotextile Tubes
    • Polymer injection
  • We also work with our clients to plan and implement any necessary site preparation for the staging and dewatering areas.

With the proper operational and metering equipment and a well trained staff, we are confident we can assist you in your pulp and paper mill dredging needs.

Contact C&M Dredging today for a free consultation and estimate for addressing the needs of your pulp or paper mill aeration pond.

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