Our Company

Jobsite Foreman


Leesburg, FL

Employment Type

Full Time - 40-70 hours per week (varies depending on the project)


Based on experience, paid weekly, with benefits


401(k), Health, Dental, Vision, PTO and Paid Holidays, Life Insurance, Accident Insurance, and Short-Term Disability


Foreman activities on project sites throughout the Southeast.

Work Styles

  • Coordinate tasks according to priorities and plans
  • Maintain schedules and monitor attendance of crew
  • Allocate general and daily responsibilities
  • Supervise and train workers and tradespeople
  • Guarantee all safety precautions and quality standards are met
  • Supervise the use of machinery and equipment
  • Monitor expenditure and ensure it remains within budget
  • Resolve problems when they arise
  • Report on progress to managers, engineers etc.

Physical Requirements

  • General labor requirements project to project
  • Pressure washing/cleaning and assisting with maintenance and service of equipment
  • Assistance Maintaining a clean and safe job site and work environment
  • Additional tasks on an as-needed basis
  • Reporting to superintendent
  • Must be able to lift 75 lbs. and meet the physical demands of construction work
  • Must be able to work outdoors in all weather conditions

Skill Requirements

  • Average 75 hours per week, 7 days per week, 3 weeks on 1 week off
  • Must be authorized to work in the US
  • Must be able to pass a background check
  • Must pass drug test
  • Valid driver's license.
  • Equipment Operating Experience a plus
  • Mechanical knowledge a plus
  • Experience on project sites required
  • Must be able to complete tasks with and without direct supervision
  • Must be open to frequent and extensive travel
  • Must be available to work out of town for long periods of time, including some weekends and holidays
  • Ability to reason and problem solve
  • Knowledge of hydraulics, industrial pumps, marine environment
  • Strong leadership with a hands-on approach

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Getting Stuff Done - Do what it takes to get the job done effectively with integrity and without complaining. By having a team willing to "get stuff done", our team members can achieve greater satisfaction, productivity, and success within the workforce and with clients.

Being a Team Player - Each member’s role is crucial to our team's success. By working together, individuals can combine their unique strengths to create innovative solutions and achieve common goals.

Being Adaptable - Maintain positivity and effectiveness in a changing environment. Proactively anticipating change and taking action shapes our future, helping us stay ahead, seize opportunities, and create positive outcomes.

Doing The Right Thing - Do what is best for the greater good. By making decisions that benefit the majority rather than one’s own personal needs we promote fairness, equality, and collaboration. Doing the right thing for the greater good is not just a value; it's a responsibility we all share for our long-term success.

Being Respectful - Be open and honest and behave with integrity toward others. By acknowledging that each individual adds value and expressing that value through words and actions, we can maintain healthy and positive relationships and foster cooperation and understanding.

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