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Stormwater Management and Pond Compliance Dredging

stormwater dredging

Compact, easily deployable dredging, and harvesting equipment can be utilized to remove accumulated sediment, sand, vegetation and debris from your stormwater retention and storage area. Return your stormwater system to its original design capacity, and be prepared for storm season. Liner in your pond? Not a problem, our specially designed dredge attachments make dredging a lined pond safe and efficient, without causing harm to liners.

Dewatering tubes can be placed around the perimeter of your pond system to quietly, and efficiently dewater sediment removed with the hydraulic dredging system. Rapid mobilization and non-invasive equipment are they key components to a fast, efficient and effective storm water pond or lake restoration project. Call us today to see how C&M Dredging can help you with stormwater management to handle your stormwater capacity, compliance and performance issues.


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