Our Featured Project

Bonnet Springs Park Lagoon Creation


Project Highlights:

  • Create a 10-acre freshwater lagoon from existing swamp
  • Removed 40,000 cubic yards of material


In 2019, C&M Dredging was contracted by Rodda Construction of Lakeland to aid in developing an environmental educational park for the Bonnet Springs Park Foundation. The project challenge was to create a 10-acre environmental observation lagoon in an existing swamp on a contaminated abandoned rail spur site in Lakeland, Florida. Despite the daunting task, C&M worked with the project team to design an approach to build/dig the existing lagoon in a swamp where dewatering was challenging.

Utilizing several pumping methods, excavation, and placement methods, C&M moved approximately 40,000 cubic yards of material to create the lagoon in an area previously deemed inaccessible by multiple contractors. The project was completed on time and within budget and is currently open to the public, showcasing our commitment to delivering successful projects.