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Skysail Development Fill Dredging

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Project Highlights:

  • Project is a 1,200 unit residential development over 980 acres
  • Removal of 1.2m cubic yards of virgin sand and rock
  • Dredge depths of 6' to 21'


In 2020, Neal Communities contracted C&M Dredging to help develop a 980-acre parcel of land with several existing lakes, a significant fill requirement, and a high water table. Dewatering the project site for conventional excavation would have been cost-prohibitive. 

C&M Dredging worked alongside the developer to establish a plan to perform the bulk of the cut-and-fill requirements for the project without conventional dewatering, excavators, and haul trucks.   The plan was formed, dredging 1,200,000 cubic yards of virgin sand and rock to multiple disposal locations utilizing a 14-inch hydraulic dredge. Material dredge depths range from 6-21' in depth with pump distances up to one mile to multiple locations. 

C&M Dredging was tasked with cutting virgin material from 3 existing lakes on a 980-acre parcel and using dredged material as fill to match the project design for a 1,200-unit residential development. In a testament to our commitment to environmental stewardship, we designed, constructed, and managed discharge pits to maintain project fill requirements and meet project goals. Throughout this project, we met the cut, fill, and compaction requirements set by the project team, all without off-site discharge, significant weather delays, or environmental compliance issues.