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2019 Hurricane Predictions.

Over the past three years, hurricane season has been pretty rough.  It's brought on the likes of Hurricane Maria, Irma, and most recently Hurricane Michael. Florida tends to be one of the hardest hit areas, but it's expected. Other states don't always have the luxury of past experience and their first serious brush with hurricane season can be disastrous. As it starts to warm back up, the weather changes are soon to follow. What's to be expected of hurricane season in 2019? Stronger, larger storms? Or will we get lucky and get some heavy rain and that's all?

According to a study at Colorado State University on a review of global climate patterns, it seems as though there will finally be a break in the severe storms terrorizing the coasts. This study was able to determine that there is a 65% chance of an average or low amount of hurricane activity happening this season. Thankfully that leaves a small percentage chance of any severe, hard-hitting storms to come to land.

The study doesn't exactly say how many storms will be named this year, but it does have lower energy than the past several years. This means fewer hurricanes and storms. The ACE or accumulated cyclone energy measure it. The ACE for 2019 is roughly between 50 and 130, based on seven scenarios put out by Colorado State University. This translates to a possibility of 5 to 12 named storms.

It is still too early to tell for sure what this hurricane season will bring, but it should be mentioned to prepare early just in case! Make sure you have the right supplies necessary and any tools or equipment (plywood, batteries, generators, etc.) before any storm hits. No matter what predictions there are in the weather!

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Featured Project

Lake Lorraine

Leesburg, FL


  • 53,000 cubic yards of material removed
  • Hydraulic Dredging to Geotextile tubes
  • Automated Polymer Injection System
  • Dewatering site less than 1 acre in size
  • Dredging, Dewatering, Hauling and Disposal all simultaneously


C&M Dredging performed an environmental restoration dredging project to restore water quality and depth to Lake Lorraine in Leesburg, FL. The project consisted of removing 53,000 cubic yards of silt and muck from the 10-acre lake utilizing hydraulic dredging.

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